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Thank you for stopping by my world. Here you will find a varied collection of my art work.

To your left is the gateway to a step-by-step demonstration of my painting methods. I created this new piece last month. I have added more photos and descriptions, so come take a look.

To your right is my Children's Visual Library, containing works inspired by Native American Myths and popular children's stories. Here you will currently find children, puppies, and a flight of butterflies.

COMING SOON... I am working on a sketchbook section now. Stop by soon to see how my ideas escape the labyrinth that is my mind! hehe.... as you'll discover, some do not make out unscathed...

Heidi Gendron
301 Berkshire Rd
Southbury, Ct 06488

This site is a continual work in progress and I would love to here your feedback on my works and my site. Contact me @





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