ChazWare(TM) Utilities (16 bit)

ChazWare(TM) Utilities (32 bit)

Brief descriptions of the utitilies in the ZIP file.

NOTE: Not all utilities are available in both 16 and 32 bits.
Additional utilities are in the ZIP files, but those not listed here should
be considered BETA test quality and should be used with caution.
BATSUB  is a progam that will substitute blank delimited parameters into a command and write the result to standard output.
DATETIME  is a program that will write its command arguments and the current date and time to standard output.
DELTA  compares two text files and writes out the differences.
EJECTMEDIA this will force pending writes to a removable media drive and eject the media it contains.
EXITW32  allows you to logoff, reboot or shutdown your computer.
(Use for Win9x and ME. Use SHUTDOWN for NT, 2000 and XP.)
HOTBACK  This program will create an exact image of a source directory at a destination directory.
WARNING: This program will replace or erase all files in the target directory if they are different or do not exist in the source directory.
IFEMPTY  will check if a file exists and if it does if it is a zero length file (it's empty).  It returns a different ERRORLEVEL for each condition.
KPYNEW  This program will copy one or more files from a source directory to a destination directory, but only if the file in the source directory is newer than the corresponding file in the destination directory.
NEWER  compares the change date and time of two files and returns an ERRORLEVEL value for the different possibilities.
RSE  will run the specified command and if output is redirected it will send all regular and error output to the same location.
SHUTDOWN  allows you to logoff, reboot or shutdown your computer.
(Use this for NT, 2000 and XP. Use EXITW32 for Win9x and ME.)
SLEEP32  will pause execution of the command file for the specified number of seconds.
SYNCTASK  allows you to START multiple BAT files have them wait for one another.
SYNCTIME  will synchronize your PC time with a network available time source.   The default time source is the US government source in Boulder, CO.
TAB  is a filter that will remove TAB characters from the input and replace them with an appropriate number of spaces to align the next character to the next "tab stop".   The number of characters per tab stop can be specified.
TIMEREAD  is a program that will prompt for an answer to a question.  The answer can be 'Y' for yes, 'N' for no or 'D' for default and the program sets the ERRORLEVEL to different values for each answer.
WHICH  will find where a program or command file is located. It uses the same rules as Windows does to find it.